1)Your purchase of goods on this website is equivalent to overseas purchase. Overseas products may not have your native language labels or instructions. If you need to know the details of the products, please read the product details page or contact our website.

2) The overseas products you purchase meet the relevant standards of quality, safety, health and labeling in the country of origin, but may be different from the standards of the country where you reside. The possible harm, loss or other risks and legal liabilities may be caused by you personally bear, please think twice before placing an order.

3) According to relevant laws and policies, the overseas products you purchase are limited to personal use only.

4)The stability and nature of our products may be altered depending on how you store the products after purchasing, or when used in combination with other products. This is beyond our control and we, Love Me Wardrobe don’t accept any liability in this regard. 

5) Any products on our website are only for external use only, and shuold always be kept out of reach of children to avoid accidently swallow or other damage to children. Any products purchased through our website should be always used as directed on the product container or packaging.

 As everyone’s skin, body and health condition is different, so actual results may vary due to difference respond to the products. Any product could causea negative skin reation as our body reacts differently to various treatmetn. Some people may react to an allergen at any time, so it is the customers’ sole responsibilty to test possible allergic reaction. We don’t accept any liability if such a reaction should occur as a result of any consumer using our products.

6) We rely on the labelling of any products which accurately list all the ingredients used by the manufacturer. If you have any sensitivity or allergies to any listed ingredients, you should not use these products. You should always do a skin test on a small area before using a new product. Skincare products should never be used on broken or irriated skin. You should immediatedly discontinue using any product that causes any of the following symptoms: redness, iching, burning, soreness, scaling, blister, watery eyes, irritation or other conditions.

7) If you have more concerns about your skin, you should consult dermotologist or medical professinols. The information on our website do not support your comprehensive personal skin needs.

This disclaimer is from Love Me Wardrobe, served by Australian small business Love Me Wardrobe Fashion & Beauty.   

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